Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot toddy - what kind of booze should I put in it?

So after I put up the hot toddy post I got a lot of questions about if you can use brandy, or rum, or bourbon in a hot toddy. You can use whatever you have in the house. I’ve made hot toddies with lemon vodka and lemon ginger tea. Quite honestly, if your balance of honey to lemon is good, this is a drink you can’t really mess up. If you don’t care that much for the taste of alcohol, go with brandy. It will coat the throat and be easy on the palate. If you like a more robust hot toddy, then by all means use a good strong whiskey or even throw in a little blended scotch.

Never fail you hot toddy

2 ounces of honey
2 ounces of lemon juice (use fresh if you have it but if not the little plastic lemon will do in a pinch)
2 ounces of alcohol (traditionally brandy (which is what cognac is), whiskey, or rum) but you can also use flavored vodkas, tequila, whatever you have lying around
4 ounces of hot water

Put the ingredients together in a coffee cup and stir with a spoon (as easy as that!)

The hot toddy is one of the easiest drinks to put a spin on. Drop your favorite tea bag in it and add some more depth and dimension to your winter warmer.

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